Hello! This is my little space on the internet dedicated to those little bottles of coloured joy. I’m a happily married woman in her early 30s with a wonderful (and very understanding!) husband, a mad but gorgeous Spaniel called Bailey (here he is)

and I live in a little village in the Buckinghamshire countryside. I love nail polish (obviously) as well as all things craft-related, however

crafting has taken a little bit of a backseat while I ride out this current obsession with painting my nails haha! I tend to flit between one ‘project’ and another, almost at random with varying degrees of intensity! Sometimes these ‘projects’ survive and become permanent hobbies, others fade into obscurity never to be seen/done again.

It’s because of this slightly peculiar/OCD approach to things (amongst other reasons), I am child-free; my Mother often jokes that I would probably get tired of ‘Project Baby’ in about 5 months and unlike the telescope (the only remaining item of ‘Project Astronomy’) I can’t shove it in the cupboard under the stairs. :-/

Thankfully, Mr Eeek already has two grown up children, with no desire to have any more so its worked out pretty well. He does however want another spaniel so Mr Boo (aka Bailey) will be a Daddy in the new year so we should have our new pup next March. There is nothing quite like that new puppy smell…mmmmm

If you want to drop me an email (eeeeknailpolish@outlook.com) please do!

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    • Hello Lovely! I’m good thanks if not a little tired. Hope you’re well! Oooh coffee! I like coffee! I shall have a look, thanks for the tag I shall post my responses soon!

  2. HI 🙂 I want to recreate your sun manicure for tomorrows challenge, could I use your picture for comparison in the blog post linked to your blog?:)

    • That’s lovely of you to say :-D. I’ve only been blogging since Oct last year so this is all still pretty new to me too. As for being old, I’m sure you’re not old at all but remember age is but a number; I still feel about 24 so it’s always a bit of a shock when I suddenly remember that I’m actually 32 lol!

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  4. Aww love your blog! And really happy to see fellow Springer lover, aren’t they just a bundle of joy lol

    • Thanks Megan! Glad you like my blog 😀 Springers are the best! Our pooch is actually a springer x cocker but he’s definitely more got more springer in him 🙂 They are such happy dogs!

  5. I see you’re up to your butt in nominations for various blogger awards, and by now you’ve perhaps seen my shout-out to your little witch nails from last Halloween – I just wanted to let you know there’s no expectation of reciprocation or anything, especially given how ubiquitous all these award things are. I just wanted to let you know I loved those nails. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your kind words about my little witch! As you can probably see I am ridiculously behind with all the lovely nominations… ;-( but I’m touched that you thought of me, thank you 🙂

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