Cosmic Swirls


*some products were sent to me for review*

I hope you all survived the week and that you’ve got a nice weekend planned. Can you believe we’re nearly through April already?!
Disasters of all disasters happened last week… I cracked the middle finger nail on my left hand!! It’s a bit weird really as it’s cracked on the top but it hasn’t gone all the way through so for now (touch wood) it’s hanging on in there like the little trooper it is, armed with copious amounts of Seche Vite to help protect it a little.

I’ve filled my nails down to help (hence the Nubby McNubbingtons) and I can see the crack on the underside of my nail is *just* above my fingertips now so I reckon in a couple of weeks I can fill that down. I very rarely break nails on my left hand so this was a bit of shock haha! I think I did it moving some stuff under the bed but it was my own fault really as I had totally ‘nekkid’ nails that day so zero protection. I think I forget just how much added strength a few coats of polish can give my nails.

Anyway, I have a distinctively un-spring like mani for you today.

For this I used:

  • Itsy Nails ‘Cosmic Dust’ (base colour) 1 coat
  • China Glaze ‘Fairy Dust’ (glitter)
  • Essie ‘Blue Rhapsody’ (stamping)
  • Cheeky Jumbo Plate 9
  • Seche Vite

Cosmic 1

Cosmic 2

I had quite forgotten about Blue Rhapsody which is a good thing as my go to, No Place like Chrome is past the half way mark :-(The difference between the two is pretty minimal to be honest so I shall have to use this one for stamping for a while.
The stamp design looked a bit like the bubble chamber photos scientists used to get when colliding atoms but on closer inspection is looks like a representation of the gold ratio instead.  Either way it’s pretty 😍

That’s all for today guys but I shall see you all soon.

Eeeek NP X


2 responses to “Cosmic Swirls

  1. I am not sure what’s happened but my nails have done a complete 180…now, my nails become more brittle and dry when I wear nail polish! It doesn’t matter what base/top coat or brand I’m wearing….Now, I just paint my nails for the blog and special occasions but am careful to take them off within a day…

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