Spring Flowers with Itsy Nails London

Hi Guys

*these products were sent to me for review*

As promised, I have some nail art for you today using Itsy nail polish – if you missed my review you can see it right here including where you can purchase.

I’m not usually one for florals but as it’s spring I thought a flowery mani was in order.

For this I used:

  • Itsy Nails ‘Green with Envy (Green)
  • Itsy Nails ‘In Deep’ (blue)
  • Itsy Nails ‘Cosmic Dust’ (flower centres)
  • White Nail polish
  • Seche vite

Itsy Nails Art 1

Itsy Nails Art 2

I also used a dotting tool, small paint brush, a sponge for the gradient and some nail studs

I started off with painting some leaves/vines and then added the 5 petals for each of the flowers. I then added the flower centres. Using Green with Envy and In Deep I created a green to blue gradient on my pointer, pinky and thumb and then added some studs to finish it off.

Oooh a little tip for sponging a gradient that I picked up from someone’s youtube channel (sorry, can’t remember who due to having goldfish brain!) Dampen the sponge first so that the polish doesn’t get all sucked up so it’s easier to apply. It really does work and I found I got a better gradient with this method too.

Until next time,

Eeeek NP x


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