Itsy Nails London

Why hello there!

*these products were sent to me for review*

I am excited to be able to share with you another new UK based brand of polish with you today *does happy dance* but fear not, non-uk peeps as there is international shipping available.

Say hello to…

Itsy logo

Itsy Nails offer a gel-like manicure without the need for a UV lamp and what not with their DURAPRO formula which is said to offer the same super shiny plumped up look you get with traditional gel polish but without the faffing about with soaking off, curing etc. They are also 5 free (yay) and cruelty free too (double yay!) . They very kindly sent me 4 crème colours to try out; 3 spring shades and a rather lovely deep blue grey. Each bottle is 11ml in size

itsy pack shot 2

But before we get onto the swatches let’s take a look at the bottle and the brush.

Itsy brush


Square bottles, yes please! I was worried that the big square lid was going to be fixed on making it really awkward to hold the brush but….

Itsy bottle shot

Tada! Off it pops revealing a much more easy to manage handle 🙂 The brush is of the flat and wide variety which allows for a wider coverage per stroke so that’s another thumbs up from me.

Onto the swatches!

All photo were taken with 2 coats of polish and no topcoat. These are pretty pigmented too with some of them almost being 1 coat wonders. What was common across all 4 of these polishes was the shine. So damn shiny! The formula was really very good on all of these; I would say on par with the likes of OPI; the formula levelled out beautifully and was just so creamy to apply.

For once I actually did a durability test! I wore In Deep for 5 day straight and aside from some slight tip-wear there was no sign of chipping. Pretty impressive seeming as this polish survived the weekend when I was moving boxes and furniture for my parents’ house move.

Green with Envy

Itsy - Green with Envy 1

Itsy - Green with Envy 2

This one was almost a one coater so if you’re a bit generous with your first coat you might not need a second. It’s a lovely green and again a true green with no obvious under/overtones.

Next we have

In Deep

Itsy - In Deep 1

Itsy - In Deep 2

Isn’t this the most gorgeous blue! Gah! I love it.  It’s a beautiful sky blue and it will be perfect for nail art. This is the polish that survived Operation Move Mum & Dad so that’s some staying power (either that or I’ve totally overstated my contribution to my parents’ house move – :-/

This again was almost a one coater but 2 just finished it off nicely.

Ooh La La

Itsy - Ooh La La

Itsy - Ooh La La 2

You know my feelings about pink so I bet you can already guess what I thought of this one. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Ooh La La indeed!  It almost had a slight crelly appearance on the first coat which did make me think this may need 3 coats but 2 was enough. It’s got a slight coral leaning to it which I also liked and it looks so juicy.

Last we have

Cosmic Dust

Itsy - Cosmic Dust 1

Itsy - Cosmic Dust 2

I know this isn’t a spring colour but oh my gosh it’s just lovely and a nice contrast to the all the brights! A dark, grey blue which was a one coater. It’s dark without being too dark and the slight blue hint to it stops it from being too stark against my skin. This would look awesome with some fairy dust over it 😉

Overall I am very impressed indeed with Itsy Nails. The formula is excellent; it’s the sort of quality you would expect from a high end brand so let me blow your minds when I tell you that their polish retails for…£5.99 Yup only 599 of your English pennies. Which, given the quality is quite a bargain if you as me.  You can get your very own Itsys direct from their website and as mentioned, they offer international shipping too.

That’s all for today but stay tuned as there will be some nail art using Itsy nail polishes later this week!

Take care

Eeeek NP x


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