Essence Wild White Ways


*purchased by me*

A happy Easter to all those who celebrate 🙂 I’ve already devoured a large chocolate bunny and now I feel a bit sick :-/   A simple dotticure today!

For this I used:

  • White: Essence The Gel Nail Polish ‘Wild White Ways (1 coat!!)
  • Mint: Essence The Gel Nail Polish ‘Play With My Mint’
  • Coral: Essence The Gel Nail Polish ‘Indian Summer’
  • Yellow: Essence The Gel Nail Polish ‘Love Is In the Air’
  • Lilac: CND Vinylux ‘Wisteria Haze’
  • Glitter/Holo: Cirque ‘We Trippy’
  • Seche Vite


Essence - Wild White Ways 1

Essence - Wild White Ways 2

Essence - Wild White Ways Close up

These remind me either an Easter egg or something to do with clowns… As it’s Easter we’ll go with eggs because quite frankly clowns are as scary AF.   It’s the same with people dressed up in  character suits (Disneyland is my idea of hell) I remember as a small child my poor Mum battled on public transport with my little sister and I  to go and see Postman Pat who, on the telly I loved  … the grown man in giant Postman Pat suit with full on plastic head, not so much… :-/

I have been consistently impressed with these polishes from Essence. I had this mani on for 5 days straight and there was no sign of chipping at all. Wild White Ways is just THE perfect white and it truly is opaque in one coat, although you will need to be a bit more generous than usual. But despite the slightly thicker coat, it didn’t affect the wear time (overly thick layers can sometimes cause it to crack to peel off prematurely)

That’s all for today! If you’re celebrating Easter with family and friends, have a super time and eat lots of chocolate and if you’re not celebrating, still have lots of chocolate anyway 🙂

See you soon!
EeeekNP x







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