Clear Jelly Stamper

Hey Guys
*Purchased by me*

I’ve been super slack on posting about this new piece of kit.  Soz!

My clear jelly squishy stamper arrived a couple of weeks back and I’ll be honest with you it is a game-changer, people!

It’s one of those products that you get and think, how the heck did I ever manage to stamp without it?! I actually said out loud ‘Where have you been all my life!’ .To the stamper. The inanimate object… Mr Eeeek looked somewhat perplexed as to why I was apparently talking to a plastic tube but then I showed him what it was and told him that this was in fact the best thing to happen, EVER and that humanity was actually going to be much better off because of it but he still looked perplexed and went off to make dinner…

All of those really tricky geometric designs or those small images that really need to be centred but always ends up looking like you stamped with one eye shut you can stamp with impunity – oooh and those French manicure style images! You know the ones, the type that you can’t even begin to hope to stamp in the right place unless you are in league with the devil who’s evil forces  guide your stamper to exactly the right place. So yeah, you can stamp them now too.

Here’s what it looks like.

Clear Stamp 5

I didn’t get to choose the colour but they sent me pink so that’s all good


I was a bit worried about how squishy it was going to be as I have quite a pronounced c-curve on my nails so a Konad level of squishiness wasn’t going to work at all. This one fortunately scores high on the squish-o-meter; pretty much the same as my old faithful XL one, which I have now obviously shunned for its new shinier, see- through sister.

Clear Stamp 1

There are quite a few companies selling these clear stampers now. Born Pretty do one and I’m sure I saw a Picture Polish branded one the other week on the internetz but mine came from Rainbow Connection for £5 + postage. Rather annoyingly they now do a totally clear one for 5op more  (i.e the tube part is see-through too)  which had I seen, I would have got as it lets in a bit more light but still, the one I got works great so I’ll quit bitchin’.

This didn’t need ‘priming’ at all and was ready to go straight out of the packet.

Clear Stamp 2

It works just like any other stamper but you can see where the image is going to end up on your nail which is SO much easier

Clear Stamp 3


It allows for perfect alignment of:

  • Single images and lettering
  • Images with a lot of lines or specific orientation
  • Images that only ‘just’ fit your nail bed
  • And ‘double stamping’

And a whole host of other things that I haven’t discovered yet.

I haven’t done examples for all of these but here’s a quick and dirty photo of the french mani tips

Clear Stamp 4

Look how straight it is! I am now regretting de-stashing some of my french mani plates. DOH!

It also reduces the amount of clean-up as you can position the edge of the design at the edge of your cuticle rather than over your whole finger.
This particular stamper picked up various images across a range of plate brands (Konad, MoYou London, DRK, BM) and a range of polishes (Konad, MoYou London, Essence, and non-stamping polish) without any issues.

If you stamp a bit, a lot, or have never even tried stamping you NEED one of these! If you’ve been put off in the past because you could never stamp on straight then this will make things much easier.

Have any of you got one of these yet? If so what do you think? If not, are you tempted? All future stamping manis will be performed using this baby so no more wonky images (I hope maybe…)

That’s all for today folks!
Eeeek NP X







7 responses to “Clear Jelly Stamper

  1. I have the one from Born Pretty Store and I love it too. its so useful for me to line up images onto my nails now.

  2. These clear stampers are just awesome, right?! I got mine (plural, I immediately ordered a backup, you never know…) from Born Pretty Store and I love love love them!

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