BarryM Gellies – All the blacks!


*purchased by me*

Hope you’ve all survived the week! I have had THE worst cold these last few days. I’ve even been off work which is pretty rare for me as I don’t ‘do’ ill. The last three days have been blur of sleep, sneezing, sniffing and other gross things that begin with ‘s’.  I have survived on tea and Haribo Super Mix. Oh and drugs, lots of drugs.

Fortunately I swatched these polishes last weekend as I’ve not had the energy to do anything at all this week.

So for your delectation here are some swatches of the new Autumn  BarryM Gellies. All 4 of these are super dark with the subtle colour difference only really noticeable in bright daylight.

The colours are, Black Pistachio, Black Grape, Black Cherry(can you see a theme here!) and Black Currant

Here’s what they look like in the bottle (and in bright sunlight)

BarryM Gellies AW 2015

All of the following photos were taken with 2 coats of each polish and no topcoat. Basecoat is a MUST as these are pretty pigmented and there was a bit a cuticle staining when I removed each one so be careful.

The formula for all of these was slightly runny for Gellies but they did level out better than previous Gellies. One coat will show up their ‘true’ colour but ICK! VNL! but the second coat turns it dark.

They have also changed the brushes; they have ditched the skinny brushes and moved over to the wide flat brush which they use in their Speed Dry collection. I prefer the fatter brushes as it was easier to get around the cuticles 🙂

First up is…

Black Grape

BarryM Gelly Black Grape 1

BarryM Gelly Black Grape 2

Ok so you’d be forgiven in thinking that this is a totally black polish. It’s not, but the blue hue is pretty hard to see,  certainly indoors. You can ‘just’ about see the blue hint near the cuticle on my index finger.

Next is

Black Cherry

BarryM Gelly Black Cherry 1

BarryM Gelly Black Cherry 2 The red hue in Black Cherry is much more obvious than Black Grape. This is probably my favourite of the bunch. I have a fair few ‘ox blood’ colour polishes but none quite this dark.

Black Pistachio

BarryM Gelly Black Pistachio 1

BarryM Gelly Black Pistachio 2

This one is almost a dupe for Essie Stylenomics. You can see the green in this one quite easil.

Lastly we have…

Black Currant

BarryM Gelly Black Currant 1

BarryM Gelly Black Currant 2

Again the hue on this isn’t as noticeable as Cherry and Pistachio but in daylight you will just see the purple tone.

Overall verdict? As I am a bit partial to black nails anyway (channelling my inner goth) I’m pleased to have these in my stash but if blacks not your thing and you were expecting to see more of the colour coming through then these may leave you a little disappointed. But! These polishes are multi purpose because… can stamp with them!

For this I used:

  • BarryM Gelly ‘Cotton’ (base colour) 1 coat
  • BarryM Gellies (stamping)  in:
    • Pinky – Black Grape
    • Ring – Black Pistachio
    • Middle – Black Cherry
    • Index – Black Currant
  • DRK-A Stamping Plate
  • Seche Vite

BarryM Gelly Darks Art 1

BarryM Gelly Darks Art 2

They almost don’t look like the same polishes do they?! As you can see, they stamp really really well so that’s a bit of a bonus! If you don’t mind a bit of VNL then these would work almost like a jelly. I haven’t tried but they might be ok for a jelly sandwich? They would also work pretty darn will as ‘leadlight’ colours for filling in stamped images. Might have to try that one! These will set you back £3.99 each from either Superdrug or Boots or any of their international stockits.

That’s all for today. Time for me to take another dose of Haribo. See you soon!

EeeekNP x



8 responses to “BarryM Gellies – All the blacks!

  1. I love the polishes as I am quite keen on vampy colours. They stamp so well – thanks for pointing that out. BTW, hope you get better soon!

  2. Oh damn… I was going to give these a miss but now I’ve seen your stamping pics I need them!

      • Haha nowhere near having the whole set! I did pick up the two new sparkly ones though which are awesome 🙂

  3. I think it’s hilarious how different they look as stamping polishes! I was definitely intrigued by these but I think the brush put me off. I personally like the thinner one so I will probably look for a dupe!

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