Shimmer Polish Sunday – Bella & Tracy

*these products were sent to me for review*

Well guys, today is the very last ever…



We have seen some total stunners throughout this series haven’t we? I will do a little roundup post in the next couple of weeks to recap all of the Shimmers over the last few months  but for now, here is….

Bella. Bella consists of lots of teeny square glitter particles in red and oranges in a deep dark red jelly base.

For this I used:

  • Essie ‘Wicked’ (base colour) 1 coat
  • Shimmer Polish ‘ Bella’ 2 coats
  • Seche Vite

Shimmer Polish - Bella 3

Shimmer Polish - Bella 2

Shimmer Polish - Bella 1

Shimmer Polish - Bella Close upBella is stunning, it’s got so much depth and those little red sparkles just pop against the black. It’s subtle enough to wear at work but still has that little bit of sparkle.

Next up is Tracy! Tracy is a polish containing tons of gold glitter with a few little inclusions of green and red in a clear base.

For this I used:

  • Essie ‘ As Good As Gold’ (base colour) 1 coat
  • Shimmer Polish ‘ Tracy’ (2 coats)
  • Seche Vite

Shimmer Polish - Tracy 1

Shimmer Polish - Tracy 2

Shimmer Polish - Tracy 3

Shimmer Polish - Tracy Close up

Guess who forgot to take a proper close-up shot… this girl! Apologies about that! Tracy is almost the antithesis of Bella; it’s bold, bright and you can see the bling from a mile off! When I look at this polish it reminds me of that event at the end of year which I’m not going to mention because it’s only September!! So yeah, that period of the year when all things glittery tend to come out!

You can purchase Tracy and Bella for  $12 / £8.50 by emailing Shimmer Polish directly – Full details can be found on the Shimmer Polish website

I’m kinda sad that my Shimmer Polish journey has come to an end 😦

That’s all for now but I shall see you all soon!
EeeekNP x


3 responses to “Shimmer Polish Sunday – Bella & Tracy

  1. I thank you so much for your reviews of this brand. I am always interested to see it swatched and photographed to have an idea of what it will look like. I am sad also this series is ending. I like this brand a lot but don’t see it in manis that frequently in the USA.

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