#OMD3NAILS – Day 27, Wings


Urgh, what a horrible Monday! Still only 4 more days till the weekend…sigh…ย  Hope you had a better day than I have. On the plus side through, my order from Rainbow Connection arrived containing my Cirque Vice Collection!! Squeee! I am in love with all the colours and will share them with you next week! I’ve also ordered some of that latex paint-y on stuff to create an impenetrable barrier when stamping and whatnot! Will give that a spin too and let you know what it’s like ๐Ÿ™‚

Another thing that I’m really loving is CND Solar Oil! I rediscovered a bottle in the Drawer of Regret;ย  a drawer containing various beauty products which I have bought on a whim, normally because I’ve been sucked in by the advert and/or sales assistant or it looked fine in the shop… I have sooo many foundations that I can’t wear unless I actually turn into a Wotsit (that’s a Cheetos to those State-side).ย ย  But the Solar Oil has been promoted from the Drawer of Regret to the Drawer of Products that Actually Do What They Say They Do (probably need to think of a catchier title) as it’s brilliant! I’ve seen real improvements with my cuticles and hangnails are a thing of the past! It smells gorgeous too, well if you like smelling like almonds. Or marzipan…


Today’s mani is wings. I was in a bit of a quandary as to what to do for this prompt.ย  I was going to do a bird themed mani but then I remembered that bumblebees have wings so I went for those as I haven’t done bumblebee nails before which is odd as every time I see one on the internetz if always go ‘oooh’ or ‘cute!’

For this I used:

  • OPI ‘Alpine Snow’ (accent nail) 2 coats
  • OPI ‘I Just Can’t Copa-cabana’ (base colour) 1 coat
  • Maybelline Colorshow ‘ Electric Yellow’ (base colour and beeeees) 1 coat
  • DRK-A Stamping Plate
  • Konad Black Stamping Polish
  • L’Oreal Nail confetti
  • BarryM Nail Art Pen – Black
  • Seche Vite

#OMD3 - Day 27 - Wings 1

#OMD3 - Day 27 - Wings 2

Is it me, but doesn’t that stamp look more like a football than a honeycomb?! Maybe the Bees play football in their spare time… Well, it can’t be all honey making and pollen collecting can it, they need some R&R!

I do love Electric Yellow but it needs about 10000 coats to opacity hence why I layered it over Cabana.

That’s all for today but do check out the other Wings manis for today’s prompt!

See you all soon!


EeeekNP x


6 responses to “#OMD3NAILS – Day 27, Wings

  1. Yes I see soccer ball instead of honeycomb too. This is soo cute. I love the bees. I still can’t decide what to do for the wings prompt and it’s today. I am torn between paper airplanes, rockets, bumblebees, angels, or dragonflies. Sigh too many choices and not enough time… and then I want to do something unique on top of all that. I am leaning strongly toward the adorable bumblebees though with their little heart shaped wings and fat chubby bodies and happy little faces but then you did these adorable bees. I don’t know I might still do bees ‘cos soo stinging cute!

  2. I see a soccer/football too because the black combs are too evenly spaced! I bet if you colored in one or two free hand it would look less like a soccerball design and that would change the look pretty drastically with little effort.

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