Bohem Nails

Hey Guys

How are we all doing?  I have something a little bit different for you today. A few weeks ago I was contacted by Bohem to see if I’d like to try out some of their sterling sliver accent nails. I’ve had my eye on these for a little while now but never took the plunge and bought any so I jumped at the chance.

They very kindly sent me two different ones to try in a couple of lengths.

Bohem Nails 3

A note about the sizes. They have a sizing guide which you can print out and cut round which you then place on your nail to see which size fits you best. Because I have fairly wide nails which are very curved at the sides,  the large size was the ones I needed but most other people seem to need the medium size.

I love the packaging they came in:

Bohem Packaging

They also come with a silver cleaning cloth and a set of sticky pads to attach them to the nail. They advise that you apply the sticky pad to the silver nail and then using the included buffer, very gently but the surface of the bare nail (this helps the tab to adhere) You then press and hold for 3 mins and the wait at least 30 mins before getting it wet and be careful not to knock it during this time.

So, what do they look like when they are on? Lets take a peek.

Here we have the slightly longer of the two nails using BarryM Lychee as a base; I’ve kept it deliberately plain so it didn’t detract from the nail itself.

Bohem Nails 1

Looks pretty cool huh? I had recently filed my nails down a bit so this one is just a teensy bit longer than my natural nails but it’s not too noticeable.

I then tried the shorter nail with the butterfly on it…

Bohem Nails 2

You can just about see my natural nail poking underneath but again I don’t think it shows too much. I really love the concept of these and they have a wide range of designs including stiletto shaped ones, plain ones and they even have gold ones too! Prices start from £7.50 which is pretty good value if you ask me!  Especially as they are of course reusable too!

However, because of my odd shaped nails, they didn’t fit as well as I had hoped… from a distance they look great but get too close and you can see how they didn’t fit my nail or lay particular flat but please don’t let that put you off as for most people they fit fine and look amazing!  Bohem also ship internationally too!

Until next time!

EeeekNP x


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