Hey polish fans!

Do you know what I haven’t done for ages… some freehand critters! These little dudes were actually painted aaaages ago but never got posted (bad Eeeek). In a way though, it’s proved super-handy as I’ve got a 3000 word report due by next Tuesday so I have zero time this week to do any fun nail art stuff…sigh. And, it’ll give my poor index fingernail chance to catch up with the rest of its siblings after it’s disagreement with an excited dog last week….
As mentioned, this mani was painted ages ago so I’m a little hazy on the polish I used… I have a feeling the blue was actually polish and not acrylic paint but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was…

For this I used:

  • OPI ‘Alpine Snow’
  • Acrylic paint
  • Seche Vite

Paperchase Tin Critters 2

Paperchase Tin Critter 1

Isn’t it the cutest little tin! It was just crying out to be made into nailart! I picked it up from Paperchase ages ago. I love Paperchase stationery. Who am I kidding I’m just love stationery! I have so many little notebooks, journals and jotters, pens, pencils, cute little erasers (I was going to type rubbers then but I remembered that a rubber means something totally different outside of the UK and you’d all be wondering why I was publicly declaring my love for condoms) Not that I ever do anything with said notebooks. I just collect them like the stationery hoarder I am and look at them. And stroke them…..

That’s all for now folks, I’m heading back to the books… Speaking of books, don’t you just love the smell of new books? I often go into Waterstones and inhale deeply and if no ones watching, take a little sniff of a newly printed paper back… Mmmmm.

If you don’t hear from me next week I’ve been crushed by a mountain of HR management textbooks!

Until next time

EeeekNP x


15 responses to “Critters!

  1. This is SO freakin’ cute!! I love the colors too. You painted it so perfect! ^_^

  2. After lazily only looking at the picture and ‘liking’ it, I decided to read your whole post. And oh my gosh, high five to stationary hoarding. I have so many notebooks and freaking stickers. I’m 24 what am I going to do with so many darn stickers! It’s all paperchases fault!

      • I try my hardest too, like on cards or envelopes but I have way too many to ever use in my lifetime without covering everything with them. Sometimes I just like to look through them….

  3. They’re so cute : D

    I love that tin, I have a weakness for tiny, adorable objects…

    I’m actually banned from Waterstones. Ok, so I banned myself, but it’s all because I cannot leave without buying a freshly printed, newly smelling book and I REALLY DON’T NEED MORE BOOKS.
    So I just never go in Waterstones anymore : ( There’s an amazing little one in St Albans that I used to spend hours in but now I avoid it like the plague…

    Anyway. Love your critters. And I always weird people out saying words like rubber instead of eraser.

  4. These are so adorable!
    Heehee – rubber 😉 Appealed to my juvenile sense of humour anyway x

  5. Hi, been reading for a while, just wanted to drop a line to say don’t worry, we call the rubbers here in Australia too!

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