O.P.I Pure

Hey guys!

How has your week been? It’s nearly Friday which is good because a) there’s no work and b) I don’t have to drive anywhere. Cars and I haven’t been getting on this week. Firstly, I managed to break off a clamp on part of the anti roll bar on my car and now it’s clangs when I go over bumps and around corners. My answer to this problem would be to just turn the radio up but that’s not a suitable solution, apparently. I don’t know who or what an anti roll bar is but Mr Eeeek said it was important as it stops the car from being a ship. Not quite sure what he meant by that but all I do know is that while it’s broken, I can’t use the car for long journeys. This leads me to my second car issue of the week ! Because of my broken car, I had to use one of the work pool cars today and it took me 5 mins of driving around the car park to realise that I kept stalling because I was trying to pull off in 3rd gear…sigh.

Anyhoo! I ventured into TK Maxx the other day on the hunt for polish and what did I find? A bottle of O.P.I Pure 18k white gold top coat (part of their Mariah Carey range) ! I’ve been eyeing this and the gold one for a while but couldn’t really justify £30 a bottle (not when I keep breaking cars) but I managed to pick it up for the princely sum of…. Wait for it…. £12.99! SCORE! That’s less than half price!

I also grabbed the following two Seches for £2.99 each and two Orlys, also for £2.99 (I’ll cover those in another post) Bargains were had!

So today’s mani is a bit of a mashup of my TK Maxx haul and it has a slightly Moroccan feel to it. Goodness knows why,I’ve never been to Morocco?!

For this I used:

  • Seche ‘Audacious’ (Pink base colour) 1 coat
  • Seche ‘ Takes Chances (Purple gradient)
  • O.P.I Pure 18k White gold top coat
  • Pueen plate 65
  • Essie ‘ As Good as Gold’ (stamping)
  • Seche Vite


O.P.I Pure 1a

O.P.I Pure 2a

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I’m loving the Pueen plates! The images are just so crisp! Pure is just gorgeous; application was great with just the right amount of gold flakie goodness going onto the nail. As it’s white gold and silver you’d think it would be silver in colour but it’s just got the slightest gold hint to it which is why paired it up Essie’s Good as Gold as that’s quite a pale gold too.

As for the Seche polishes; I can’t really comment on how the lilac one ‘Takes Chances’ performs as I only sponged it on but Audacious was pretty good. Highly pigmented (which does worry me a little that it might be one hell of a stainer…) coverage was rather impressive and definitely opaque after one coat so I’d out money on this being a stamper too!

That’s all for today guys!

See you all soon!

EeeekNP x


24 responses to “O.P.I Pure

  1. Hey, I have recently started using Pueen too – I agree, so easy and the images pick up really well! That’s a gorgeous colour from OPI!

  2. Wow that color looks really good on top of the base. You are very talented!

    Would love if you check out my blog. Just followed you on twitter.
    Raincouver Beauty

  3. Pure looks to cool on top of that gradient, do I’m jealous of your stamping technique! £12.99 Is a real catch, damn the regular OPIs cost £16.36 over here. :O I need to move, haha.
    Hope yor weekend got great although the car problems. 🙂

    • Pure is rather gorgeous 🙂 As for my stamping technique; I’m a proper ‘stamper’ rather than a ‘roller’ i just put the stamper over the top of the nail and bam! push it down and hope for the best. I also make sure there is a good layer of Seche between my base colour and my stamping, that way I can swipe off any mistakes with a saturated cotton pad 🙂 Wow! and I though that about £9 a bottle for OPI was steep! nearly £17?! I too have also considered moving purely for the purposes of cheaper polish. Can’t quite convince Mr Eeeek to move to the States though haha!

      • The states would be something, they are actually going to make the price even higher her within a few weeks so I’ll soon be sitting looking to the store windows crying, hah! Importing is a must for sure.

        Thanks, I’ll try that next time I’m going for my stamping plates. 🙂

  4. Oooooh, loving Pure over your gradient!
    When I was trying to decide which gold flakie topper to buy, I was choosing between this OPI and Ninja Polish : ) I’m really enjoying using mine, I’d never expect to like something this gold and jewelleryish this much. ; )))

    Haven’t used Pueen plates yet, you got me curious! I’ve been disappointed too many a time with badly etched plates…

    Haha, Marocco, never been either. But everytime I dream I get shot, it’s always in Marocco.

    • Badly etched plates (BEPs) make me sad. Only had one dodgy plate and it was only one image out of 5 but It would be the one that I needed. Jewelleryish is now a word by the way. 🙂

      • ‘BEPs’ ?! Hell yeah, it’s a thing now. : D

        I actually got these gorgeous two plates from Messy Mansion (Australia) and it’s not that there’s an error or something, they are just so shallow, I can get them to transfer nicely. Grrrrah.

        Haha, awww : ) I made up another one actually, yesterday I was in St Albans with my best friend and we were walking through this exotic garden kinda secret garden type of place and I was like, ‘crooks.’
        I meant nooks and crannies.

        ; )

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