Maybelline Color show – Acid Wash Effect, Lilac Rebel

Hey guys!

I have a swatch for you today (on my somewhat nubbier nails!) of one of  Maybelline’s new Acid Wash polishes I recently picked up in Superdrug .

The four polish in the range consist of 3 cremes in bright blue, green and pale blue and they all have various sized matte white hex glitter and  there is a clear based version which you would use as a topper.

Maybelline Color Show - Acid Wash Collection

L-R; Top Splatter, Ripped-Tide, Mint-acid-ittude & Lilac Rebel.

I’ve just got one of these to show you today. Why only one Eeeek? All shall become clear shortly.

For these photos I used  2 coats and 1 coat of Seche Vite

Lilac Rebel

Maybelline Color Show - Acid Wash Lilac Rebel 1

Maybelline Color Show - Acid Wash Lilac Rebel 2

Oh my gosh, where to start!! There is a whole heap of wrong with this. Ok firstly, I can’t quite see how this is meant to be an acid wash effect … there are some excellent acid wash manis out there (The Nailasaurus’ one is stunning) but this? Meh. It’s about a as near to acid wash as their ‘Vintage Leather’ effect polishes were to looking like leather… If you haven’t seen swatches for those then check the internetz; I stupidly bought 3 of them but I was so unimpressed I didn’t even bother to post them – you know when you sometimes open a bottle of polish and the dried flaky bits from the rim sometimes fall off and onto your freshly painted nails? Well imagine that in a bottle. Mattified. Yum…

The next  is the colour… I actually rather like the colour of this but IT. IS. BLUE!!!! How on earth can they call this lilac?! Maybe it’s deliberate, maybe the idea is that this polish is like, ‘Yeah, I might be blue but I’m a rebel so I’m gonna call myself  lilac because, I damn well can and no-one’s  gonna stop me!! Ok, maybe not, but that colour right there is pale blue.

As for application… urgh. This needs layering over some BLUE undies as this really needed 3 coats but I gave up after 2; it was thick to apply, the smaller glitter went on the nail well with each stroke but the big ol’ ones never made it on the nail and it’s quite sheer too. As you can see, some areas were a little patchy and the finish is ohmygod! So. Bloody.Lumpy.  I only used 1coat of Seche on this but it would have needed 2  in order to smooth it out.  I know that given the size and amount of glitter it wasn’t going to be super smooth but I’ve got two gorgeous Emily de Molly’s that are similar to this and one coat of Seche does the trick.

That being said, I do like the glitter-in-a-creme finish but not with the  irksome formula 😦

I am somewhat reluctant to try the other two cremes now (the topper will be fine I’m sure!)  but if any of you would like to see them, just leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do 🙂

It’s a shame as some of  Maybelline’s previous  collections have been really  good; the polka dot collection with Chalk Dust is my favourite black and white glitter EVER  and their Street Artist collection I really liked too.

Anyway that’s all for today but I’ll see you all soon!

EeeekNP x

p.s  do let me know if  you think it looks like lilac and not blue… ha!


25 responses to “Maybelline Color show – Acid Wash Effect, Lilac Rebel

  1. With Maybelline it seems to kind of jump up and down. Although for the leather collection, I got one and I am pleased with it (High Style Sienna – a brown one). I’ve also noticed them being inconsistent within one collection even (1/3 of my polish collection consists of Maybelline Colorshow/Colorama polishes).

      • I don’t have others from that on and I’ve heard that other colours weren’t so good. Or maybe I got incredibly lucky and had a good bottle 😄

  2. haha, i have learned to trust maybelline cremes and glitter toppers, and stay away from any of their attempts at risque polishes! they never work out right

  3. Such a bummer that the formula sucked. I also don’t see how it looks like acid wash haha. I think you can see the purple hue when it’s next to the other colors- because the blue stands out. but on it’s own it definitely looks blue!

  4. Ooo noo! Lilac is blue yes. Looks so sheer. I would like to see the topper. I was thinking before I saw the photos that I wish I could get this, then I saw the pics and was like ooookay no

  5. Your colors look gorgeous, you can’t tell there is anything wrong! I bought that brand back when they first started producing the line, and I wasn’t impressed either!! I have Fushia Fever, but it goes on so thin!! :/

    • Aww thank you! Glad it’s not just me that was feeling meh about it lol! Haven’t tried fuchsia fever but as I HATE any sort of visible nail line I shall avoid! Thanks for the heads up 😀

  6. It’s kinda strange, we have this collection here in Switzerland too, but instead of the clear topper we have another darker blue shade! (It’s royal blue)

    • how weird? I know that the American versions of their collections differ from the UK ones but you’d think that Europe would be the same? 🙂

  7. I used this for the first time last night and I think I’m going to be taking it off again – I had to use 3 coats and it still came out streaky.

    I don’t want to give up on it though as it is a nice colour so I think I might try layering it over another polish.

  8. Hi there, nice to meet you! I bought today the blue, #247 Ripped-Tide. I agree, this Lilac is nice, but… is a dusty BLUE. And suits you So. Good.

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