Avon Gel Finish – Lavender Sky

Hey Guys!

How did you all survive Monday? Just a quick swatch for you today. I have to confess, I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Avon polish. I love the colours they have but they seem to chip super-easy 😦 My friend at work, Christine, is an Avon rep and each time she sends me a catalogue I try and resist but fail miserably, ha! Anyway Avon have brought out a Gel Finish range and I decided to give one a try and I’m so glad that I did as this one is great! Lets take a look…

The following photos were taken with 2 coats of Lavender Sky and no top coat.


Avon Gel Finish - Lavender Sky 1

Avon Gel Finish - Lavender Sky 2

How shiny are these!! And that colour it just gorgeous. I am somewhat partial to lilacs but this is probably up there with CG Tart-y For The Party as one of my favourites. Application was amazing; two lovely coats that levelled out really well.
I had this colour on from Thursday evening until today and not a chip is sight!

So Avon, you have redeemed yourself with this little beaut!

That’s all for today guys!

Until next time

Eeeek NP x


8 responses to “Avon Gel Finish – Lavender Sky

  1. You know I looooove Avon, but I did what the gel bottle said- no topcoat. And it wouldn’t dry and I got sheetmarks. Boo! I got the dark purple one

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