The Monthly Nail: Eugene Malibu

Hi Guys! (this is a scheduled post as Mr Eeeek and I are enjoying some time off together:-) )

*these polishes were sent to me for review*

How are we all doing? I am thrilled to be be able to share with you today a new-to-me brand, Eugene Malibu! Eugene Malibu is the indie brand of The Monthly Nail – a nail polish subscription service which, wait for it…. ships internationally! Yay! Full details can be found on The Monthly Nail site so pop on over and have a look!

I was very kindly sent 2 polishes from their new 11 piece Festival collection to review as well as the most mega-packed glitter polish I’ve ever seen from their Flowerbomb collection!! All Eugene Malibu polishes are all 5 free too.

All photos are taken without topcoat.

First up are the 2 new polishes from the Festival Collection

Electric Zoo

2 coats (over 1 coat of Essie Avenue Maintain)


The Montly Nail - Eugene Malibu - Electric Zoo

The Montly Nail - Eugene Malibu - Electric Zoo

Electric zoo is a blue, sheer jelly polish with a metallic like finish and I think  I spy some teeny glass flecks in there too! As it is sheer,  I layered over a coat of  Essie’s Avenue Maintain as it was a quite close match.

Being a jelly the formula was a little thicker but not troublesome to apply and it’s a beautiful colour!

Next up is:


2 coats (over 2 coat of BarryM Gelly Rosehip)


The Montly Nail - Eugene Malibu - Mysteryland

The Montly Nail - Eugene Malibu - Mysteryland

Mysteryland is a glitter topper containing various sized pink holo  squares, pale blue holo triangles and circles, some neon square and those cute little bows! Application was fairly good; you get quite a good amount of the smaller glitter on the nail after each brush stroke but I did have to pick out the bows and place them on the nail but they look so cute it’s worth the little bit of extra effort.  This is a really fun glitter and I love the contrast between the neon and the blue!


Lastly we have a polish from the Flowerbomb collection


2 generous coats (over 2 coats of Avon – Lavendar Sky)

The Montly Nail - Eugene Malibu - Flowerbomb

The Montly Nail - Eugene Malibu - Flowerbomb

OMG. This is the epitome of a glitter bomb!! I’d be here till Christmas listing all the glitter that’s in it but as you can see it’s jam packed! Definitely a peel off base coat and/or a tin foil job when removing. Application was good, but remember that due to the sheer amount of glitter on there it will be a little thicker. I do love this, it’s like a party on your nails!

So what do you guys think?

All 3 polishes retail at $9.00/£5.32 and as metioned earlier, they ship internationally! hooray! They also have a Facebook page and IG @TheMonthlyNail    so why not pop over and say hi?

That’s all for today guys – see you soon!
EeeekNP X


6 responses to “The Monthly Nail: Eugene Malibu

  1. These are three gorgeous polishes indeed! Flowerbomb are probably mu favourite out of these three. Hope you and Mr. E having a good time 🙂 xx

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