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Hey Guys

When I went to visit my dear friend Leanne in Sheffield, we just ‘happened’ to pop into Boots where they had a Nails Inc stand so I picked up their new Snowflake effect polish – Kensington Church Street  . I’d seen a press release on line and I was curious as to what it would look like on the nail so I gave in and picked up a bottle… As the old saying goes, curiosity killed the cat and well, they were right ( note, no cats were harmed during the making of this post) Ok so killed is slightly extreme but after shelling out £12 of my hard earned cash  I am left feeling a little cheated as I’m not totally thrilled with this but see what you think…

Snowflake contains small white matte hex glitter, small matte white bar glitter and you can just about make out the tiny iridescent micro glitter. The formula was ok, a bit gloopy but as this is a topper  it wasn’t so much of an issue and you get a decent amount of glitter with one stroke. It is rather a lumpy finish so you will need to add a coat or two of top coat. Now, in a slight moment of madness,   I originally layered it over white which was a pretty daft thing to do given that it’s white glitter! Still, I quite like wearing white polish so the glitter did add a little bit of interest to it and you can just make out some sparkle in there.

For these photos I used:

  • 1 generous coat of O.P.I Alpine Snow
  • 1 coat of Nails Inc ‘Kensington Church Street’
  • No top coat

Nails Inc - Snowflake 1

Nails Inc - Snowflake 2

Nails Inc - Snowflake 3

I then had a look at the Nails Inc website and they recommend layering  it over a nude shade like Porchester Square (which I have) or a silver foil (which I also have) so…

For these photos I used:

  • Nails Inc Porchester Square (base colour) 2 coats
  • Nails Inc ‘Kensington Church Street’  (1 coat)
  • No top coat

Nails Inc - Snowflake

Nails Inc - Snowflake

hmmm, not sure I like that at all 😦  I think the nude is too dark.  So, did the silver polish fair any better?

For these photos I used

  • Essie ‘No Place Like Chrome’ (base colour) 1 coat
  • Nails Inc ‘Kensington Church Street’
  • No top coat

Nails Inc - Snowflake

Nails Inc - Snowflake

I’m not sold on that either! The glitter is a bit lost against the shiny silver…

Lastly I decided to layer it over a pale blue…

For these photos I used

  • Essie ‘Sweet Talker’ (base colour) 2 coats
  • Nails Inc ‘Kensington Church Street’
  • Seche Vite

Nails Inc - Snowflake

Nails Inc - Snowflake

I definitely prefer it over the white and the pale blue.  So what do you guys think? Have I just saved you £12 or has it made you want to rush out and by it? I’d love to know your thoughts. Well, that’s all for today polished-peeps! Hump day tomorrow,  huzzah!

Until next time,

EeeekNP x

p.s when I say Hump day, I am of course referring to Weds being the middle of the week and that after tomorrow, we are over ‘the hump’ and merrily heading down a metaphorical hill towards the weekend. Just in case you thought it was something else entirely!


50 responses to “Nails Inc – Snowflake

  1. Really, I just don’t like the polish that much. But I feel like over a dark blue (you know, snowflakes at night) it might look a bit more interesting…and the shimmer will come out more/

  2. Love its over pale blue, but it also looks a bit too lumpy for my tastes and based on your experiences, one I will probably avoid

  3. Wow you really went through the ringer with this, testing it over so many bases! Thank you!

    I like the white & blue best. Doesn’t surprise me much that it didn’t really work with Porchester Square or silver. What did surprise me, in not such a good way, is that Kensington Church Street looks really flat, like there’s no exciting sparkliness. In fact I had to zoom into your pics (which I never have to do) to check there was any glitter!

    It was created to be more of a subdued topper but I still feel like something’s missing. Then again I do like the white, maybe with top coat on it would bring out more of the sparkles?

    • Glad you found the review helpful! I’m totally with you about the lack of sparkle; in really bright light you can see it a bit but it could have done with more in the formula. I have no clue as to why they recommended layering it over silver and Porchester! A layer of tc might bring out the sparkle a bit more, might have to give that a go and see if it’s any better. Will definitely have to try it out over a dark blue though as that may look better 🙂

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  5. I like both the nude and the blue. The nude looks like ice on the lake with snow over it. I think dark blue as a base would be gorgeous too! Nice pics!

  6. Over the blue, though white looks interesting too. I would like that nude in a different design/wear but for this topper it looks slightly dark under it. So I agree with you :O 🙂

    • I think a really pale nude would look better too – you’re right, the nude looks really dark against the white as Porchester doesn’t normally look so dark! 🙂

  7. I’m really not a nails inc fan.. I think for the prices they aren’t that amazing! It does look really pretty over the blue though.. I think this is one of those polishes you don’t really want to buy, but would still happily receive it as a gift haha!
    Also never heard of hump day, might have to start using that phrase 😛

    • haha! that’s totally it Becky! Add it to your list to Santa! 🙂 I do like Nails inc but I don’t often buy them because of the price (I tend to buy their lucky dips when they come around as £18 for 7 polishes is pretty good value) Hump day is a great saying, just be prepared for the occasional odd look from people lol!

    • I can totally see what they were trying to do with this and in the bottle, it totally look like snow but I thought that it just didn’t transfer so well onto the nail.:-(

  8. I kind of want to buy it because I do not have glitter topper like it but, I think for a snow effect I would have better luck free-handing!

    For what it claims, it doesn’t deliver but I do like it!

    Thanks for the great review!

  9. Haha, I love how you tested it over so many bases!! 🙂
    I actually really like it over blue, not at all over silver, and it would look awesome with a slightly lighter nude – but not too light, because IMO even with Porchester Square it looks the best of all these.
    It just works for me over nude… : )

    • I could have done it over loads of other colours but my poor cuticles couldn’t take anymore acetone hehe. Blue seems to be the clear winner but as for the nude… maybe I need to try it again in a couple of weeks time with fresh eyes?

  10. I should say over different colours…. over white it looks like it’s all one polish 🙂

    • Thanks Keri! I think I may just have to re-test this over some other base colours…. there might be that one colour that makes this polish work 😉

  11. I did like it on the nude and also the pale blue. I wonder what it would look like on a much darker colour with a contrast like dark green/black/plum? Steph x.

  12. Hey, I totally love your nails and the way you write on your blog, humorous and really great to read! Keep up the great work, i love each and every post of yours, the colors look great on your nails and all the time I would like to paint my nails in a new way :))

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  14. I’m wearing it over a sheer shell-pink (french manicure pink) right now and it looks really sweet.

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