Jacava – Candy Floss

Why hello there fellow nail polish fanciers

*these products were sent to me for honest review*

I have a swatch to show you today from a UK based luxury polish brand called Jacava. Before I get onto the swatches, l want to tell you a little bit about the company.

Jacava isn’t 3 free. Oh no, they are 8 free! Yep, you read that right, 8 free so beside the usual no-DBP, no-formaldehyde and no-toluene, Jacava is also free from Camphor,  Cellophane, Parabens, Phthalates and because we love our furry friends there are no animal ingredients either so it’s totally cruelty free!  The Jacava range is designed in good ol’ ‘Laandaan Town’ (that’s London to those who don’t speak with a  cockney accent 🙂 ) and made in dear Blighty

They have a good range of colours and you can see all of them here and they also make a topcoat with a UV inhibitor so no fading or colour changes.

I was given the choice as to which colour I wanted to try which was lovely. As you’ve all probably guessed by now, I’m a sucker for a bright pink so I went for Candy Floss. Not only did they send me Candy Floss to try out but they also included a bottle of their topcoat too!

Candy Floss is described as a deep candy pink and I’d say that was a pretty accurate description! I felt that this was almost a crelly (another of my favourite words!) rather than a true creme.

First a little bit about the bottle and brush; the brush has a loooong gold handle and I did worry that it was going to be a little tricky to hold but it was fine. The thing I really liked about this was that the brush goes all the way to the bottom  – some other brands brushes seem to stop a bit short and you can never get the last of it out (after all, you want to get every last drop don’t you?). As for the brush itself;  it’s slightly on the thin side which I did worry would make application a bit difficult what with my wide nail beds but it fans out nicely.

Jacava Pack Shot

As for the bottle, it’s a nice shape and solid too so if you’re clumsy like me, it will withstand a drop on the floor. This was inadvertently  tested by yours truly when I opened the package in the kitchen and then promptly fell over the dog (a regular occurrence at Eeeek Towers) and dropped the polish on the floor which bounced and then skidded across the tiles. See, this is why I shouldn’t be allowed behind the wheel of car! I can’t even keep my feet on the ground.

See that gold printing on the bottle? That’s not imposter-gold  – it’s actual gold! 22 carat no less!  I feel I should be sipping champagne and eating caviar now.

These first two photos show Candy Floss without a topcoat.

Jacava - Candy Floss 1

Jacava - Candy FlossI was really impressed with how shiny it was without a topcoat!

Jacava - Candy Floss With TC 2

Jacava - Candy Floss With TC 1

But as old habits die hard, I did add a coat of the UV Inhibitor topcoat 🙂

As for the all important application:

Candy Floss was opaque in two coats but a word of warning, make sure you are using fairly thin coats; if you layer it on too thick it does have a tendency to bubble. As mentioned, the brush was a good size and length and fanned out well, meaning I could get quite close to the cuticles. As for wear time; I’ve only had it on for 24 hours but despite my manic typing at work  (email how I hate you so) I’ve seen very little tip wear which is always a bonus.

As for the topcoat. I did struggle a little with this as it didn’t seem to flow over the nail too well, unless the brush was quite loaded with product but then the bubbles would appear. It didn’t like to be overworked so it’s a strictly 3 stroke application with this one. However I did like the fact that it included a UV inhibitor as I have experienced weird colour changes to some manis during the summer months.

So where can you get hold of Jacava?  Well, they have their very own website so you can purchase these polishes direct 🙂 Each bottle of Jacava retails for £14.50. They also have Duo and Trio sets available (I’m eyeing up their City Chic trio at the min)

That’s all for today guys!

until next time

EeeekNP x


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