October N.A.I.L Challenge – Breast Cancer Awareness

Why hello there!

Hope you’re all doing well and I hope you’ve survived not only a Monday but a Tuesday too! Yay! Go You! As a reward, take the rest of the week off. Just tell your boss that I said it was ok (I kid I kid!!  DON’T tell  your boss that at all. I doubt it would end well and then I would feel really bad. But if it does actually work, do let me know! It certainly wont work with mine….

Right, today’s mani is my submission for this week’s N.A.I.L theme. For those of you not familiar with the N.A.I.L  – aka Nail Art Ideas Link up, where the heck have you been!? Unless you’re new here in which case I apologise unreservedly  for my outburst and politely advise that you click on the N.A.I.L reference page at the top of the blog.

Ok, on with the mani! This weeks theme is one that we can all get behind as it’s for Breast Cancer Awareness. As I’m sure you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the ribbon colour for this is one of my favourite polish colours….PINK! Yay!
I’ve gone for a pink skittle (a pinkittle? Ok, that’s probably the worst portmanteau ever – it’s not as awesome as the word blurple that’s for sure! Hehe my iPad actually auto corrects to blurple now – that pleases me way more that it probably should…)

For this mani I used a shed load of stuff:

  • Pinky & Thumb:
    • Natural Collection Nail Tip Whitener (2 coats)
    • Sally Hansen Presto Pink (Stamping)
    • DRK-C Plate & rhinestones
  • Ring:
    • Nat Coll Tip Whitener (2 coats)
    • Crazy Scissors, scotch tape & pink glitter
  • Middle: dots from light to dark
    • O.P.I Kiss Me on My Tulips
    • O.P.I Nothin Mousie ’bout it
    • China Glaze Dance Baby
    • ILNP Bunny tails
  • Index:
    • Tip Whitener (2 coats) Presto Pink (stamping) & BM plate 321
  • Seche Vite

N.A.I.L October BCA 1

N.A.I.L October BCA 2

Those with eagle eyes will have no doubt spotted the dink on my middle finger… Doh! I only spotted that after I’d finished editing the pics.  Presto Pink is from Sally Hansen’s Instadri range and it’s excellent for stamping, in fact I’ve heard that most of the Instadri polishes are good for stamping 😉 As always, the DRK plate stamped beautifully – there will be further posts about the DRK plates coming soon so stay tuned!

Oh yeah about those ‘crazy’ scissors. I am referring to of course their funky cutting pattern rather than their mental state (do scissors have a mental state? I dunno… to be fair I’d be pretty mad having to cut paper all day let alone gross things like nasal hair *shudders*)  You can pick up scissors like these from craft stores like Hobbycraft for not a lot of pennies (those are the ones that I use).  Just cut some strips of scotch tape or masking tape etc and then use them like a stencil. 🙂

Well, that’s all for today folks – Don’t forget to check out the other N.A.I.L entries for this weeks theme (the inlinkz are on the reference page)

See you all soon!

EeeekNP x


8 responses to “October N.A.I.L Challenge – Breast Cancer Awareness

  1. The blurple and pinkittle made me laugh SO HARD. And I’ve just discovered, my iPad is a nail beginner and, oh, I cringe to admit it, doesn’t know the word BLURPLE!

    • I’m pleased I made you laugh 🙂 it will take some training but your iPad will soon learn to love the word blurple haha! Mine took a little while to get the hang of it – now it has fully embraced it and even autocorrects it into capitals because it KNOWS how much I love that word lol! As for pinkittle… Hmmm least said about that the better. Ha!

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