Brijit’s Digits – Skadi & Blue Flame

Hey guys!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend πŸ™‚ Monday seems to come around far too quickly doesn’t it? There you are, enjoying your Friday night, then BAM! it’s suddenly Monday! I think the Government has a secret time altering machine which sucks time from the weekend and shoves it on weekdays. That’s my theory anyways. Ok that makes me sound a bit nuts, I can assure you I’m not. Now where did I put my tinfoil hat….

Anyway! I have a couple of swatches for you today!

The lovely Brijit sent me some nail mail the other day which was just so sweet and made me feel all warm and fuzzy πŸ™‚ My little parcel contained some nail decals, mylar flakes aaaaannnnd….2 of her marvellous creations, yay! If you haven’t been to Etsy Brijit’s shop you must! Sadly if you live in the UK, the land of tea and preposterous postal restrictions you can’t get one of Brijit’s hand blended polishes. Boooooo. Still pop over to the shop though as Brij has other nail art related goodies like caviar beads, cuticle oil (I use the Soften one and it’s great!) false nail sets and even jewellery (I’m lemming after these beauties at the min!) But, all is not lost for us in Blighty, Brij does pop over periodically and when she does, she can post them then! Just keep an eye out on Brijit’s blog or her Facebook page to see when Brij is over next.

So, first up is…


For the following photos I used

  • No basecoat
  • 3 coats
  • No topcoat

Brijits Digits - Skadi

Brijits Digits - Skadi Close up

Skadi is a pale green with blue undertones and has a nice subtle shimmer running through it. As with all Brjit’s polish it’s 3 free and the brush is a nice size with a healthy amount of bristles. This makes application easy. Formula wise, Skadi glides on smoothly, no bubbling or dragging and was opaque after 3 coats. Those with shorter nails/smaller free edge would only need 2 πŸ™‚ Skadi is a lovely summery colour and I will definitely be wearing this again soon. πŸ™‚

Next up is a polish that I wouldn’t go for as it’s a jelly and you know my feelings about jellies lol! However this is much more than just a jelly….

Blue Flame

For these photos I used:

  • No basecoat
  • 3 coats
  • No topcoat

Brijits Digits - Blue Flame

Brijits Digits - Blue Flame closeup

Blue Flame is a bright blue jelly with lots of sparkle in it! Again the formula was lovely to apply and because it’s a jelly the VNL is, well visible lol! So I decided to layer it over another colour..

For these photos I used

  • 1 coat of H&M ‘Come Along With Me’ – bright teal/turquoise
  • 2 coats of Blue Flame
  • No topcoat

Brijits Digits - Blue Flame over blue

Brijits Digits - Blue Flame over blue closeup

See how different it looks? Then I got to thinking….all that lovely sparkle would really pop over black…(China Glaze – Liquid Leather)

Brijits Digits - Blue Flame over black

Brijits Digits - Blue Flame over black closeup

Wow, just wow! I am loving Blue Flame over black! You can see the blue of the base colour which I think looks better than if was just pure black and you can see all the different colours in the sparkle! In fact, I think it’s not that dissimilar from the Alcatraz…Rocks/topcoat combo I posted a out the other day! The advantage of Blue Flame is that it won’t eat your topcoat lol. I love the diversity of this polish, it’s a jelly, it’s a shimmery topper for similar colour polish and over black it’s just full of sparkly-yummyness!

You can purchase both of these from Brijit’s store πŸ™‚

Thanks again for Brij for kindly letting me try these out πŸ™‚

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone and I shall see you all soon!

EeeekNP x


7 responses to “Brijit’s Digits – Skadi & Blue Flame

  1. .. then BAM and it’s suddenly autumn! lol Beautiful colours, the light green/blue Skadi looks very pretty, as well as the rest of the colours πŸ™‚

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