Nail Art Ideas Linkup – Sun

Hey guys!

A big HELLO to all you new faces! Glad to have you here! As some of you may know, Jacqui (Craftynail), Brijit (BrijitsDigits) and I have started a weekly nail art challenge, the Nail Art Ideas Link up (aka N.A.I.L)! Full details can be found by clicking the image on the right of the screen or by clicking on the Nail Art Ideas Linkup Reference menu at the top of the blog.
So, this weeks theme is Sun. Lucy of Lucy’s Stash did the most amazing free handed version of black suns on a yellow background which you can see here but I’ve just used some stamping instead 🙂

N.A.I.L theme – Sun

  • Maybelline Color Show ‘Electric Yellow’ (base colour) 3 coats
  • Black Konad Stamping polish
  • BM 01 plate
  • Seche Vite

Maybelline Color Show - Electric Yellow 1

Maybelline Color Show - Electric Yellow 2

Electric Yellow was quite easy to apply as it’s more jelly than creme so it didn’t suffer from the usual yellow issues I.e dragging, streaking and bald patches. It did need 3 coats though and there was still a little bit of VNL. I wasn’t too worried about this though as I was going to stamp over most of it so it didn’t really notice 🙂

You can see all the other Sun manis by clicking on the blue dude below!

N.A.I.L. Theme 1 – SUN :

See you soon!

EeeekNP x


14 responses to “Nail Art Ideas Linkup – Sun

  1. Love yours .) I can’t comment unless I press, View original… been like this for a while, and I have sometimes had difficulties replying on your blog all togther lately…:( sad , Hipe this goes through

      • Did you do something new though… cause your comments popps out in”fron” of your post right, for easier access I guess, through the wordpress reader. And through that I cant comment. but id I either write eeek nail.. etc in google , I can reply right away…?? ❤

        dunno why…..

  2. Oh, I really like Electric Yellow! 😀 Looks really nice with thoose tiny suns too, need to try to hand paint a repilca at some point. 🙂

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