OMD Challenge winners and something new…

As a very clever rabbit once said, “That’s it folks!” – the Oh Mon Dieu Challenge is over !

We’ve moderated the entries, and contacted the winners (they have 72 hours to get back to us with an address or we will choose a new winner, but thought we’d announce them, too – so you can all congratulate them 🙂


Don’t be too sad if you didn’t win ! We had so much fun, and we don’t want it to be over !


So, we have a new idea for you 🙂


We’re calling this the Nail Art Ideas Linkupyep, the acronym is N.A.I.L. and it starts right now! Although we don’t have any prizes, voting has been enabled in the Inlinkz – so we can name a N.A.I.L. Genius of the week. Best of all, it’s open to anyone and everyone, and of course widgets will be coming to add to your blog and show everyone that you take part.

For now, here are the themes for August :

August NAIL Themes SunSeaSandBook


Because it is always so hard to choose, I’ve enabled 3 votes per person, this is the first time we’ve done a link up like this, so come along for the ride and we can all see how it works as we go 😉


And here is your Inlinkz to get started !

N.A.I.L. Theme 1 – SUN :


Who will be first? 😀



5 responses to “OMD Challenge winners and something new…

  1. Yay I needed some guidance in my life! Even though I’m not as talented as the other ladies that will be participating I am still going to put a entry in. And congrats to the winners.

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