OMD Challenge – Day 9, Textured

Hey guys!

Today’s theme is textured so you’d think I’d be cracking out the Nails Inc Concrete effect or the BarryMs but no… Instead I have something slightly different to show you. I’m sure you’ve probably seen a whole host of DIY sand polish techniques floating about the web but I saw one quite a while back on the Daily Varnish where they used embossing powder to create the sand effect. A few weeks ago, Mr Eeeek and I were mooching about The Works (for non-uk peeps The Works is a discount book/craft store) indulging in my other hobby, crafting (I do have one besides nail polish, surprisingly lol) I came across some craft sand and I thought, ‘ooh, I wonder if that would work…’ so here’s the result 🙂
Craft Sand Manicure

  • O.P.I. ‘If You Moust You Moust’ (base colour) 1 coat
  • Essie ‘Under Where?’ (Accent Nail) 1 coat
  • Craft Sand in pink and lilac
  • Pearl Studs

OMD Challenge - Day 9 Textured

OMD Challenge - Day 9 Textured close up

This was super easy to do! Just apply a generous coat of the polish, pour some sand into a little tray (I got mine with the Nails Inc Bling it on feathers set) then roll it about in the craft sand. I added the pearls because, well just because really! The craft sand comes in sets of 5 and had reds (this set is the red set apparently :-/) greens and an earthy pack which has oranges yellows and brown and a black.  You can pick them up either in store or online here for the massive total of 99p! and that’s for a set of 5! (they only seem to have the red and green set online though :-()

As for durability, I reckon this has about as much staying power as a microbead manicure so an evening, tops. It’s a lot more textured than you would get using embossing powder(although I am going to try that as I’ve got some of that stuff in the craft cupboard!) but I’m still pleased how it turned out.

That’s all for today but remember to check out all the other entries for today’s challenge!

9. Textured :

Oooh it’s metallic day tomorrow – I’m looking forward to seeing what you all come up with 🙂

EeeekNP x


19 responses to “OMD Challenge – Day 9, Textured

  1. That is absolutley gorgeous! I thought they were flocked first, but this is way better ^^ how do they feel? I mean, to the touch?

    • Thank you so much :-D! They feel fairly rough to the touch, not as smooth as say OPI liquid sand but a tiny bit rougher than the BarryM so from a practical perspective they’d probably snag on everything lol. As for durability, I did say that they probably would last too long but then I just used wet polish – I think they’d last a bit longer if you did a coat of colour then a thick old coat of Seche and then rolled them in the sand 🙂

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