OMD Challenge – Day 7, Holo


Hey! Sorry for posting so late – Mr Eeeek and I we’re out enjoying the sunshine and time just ran away with us!

So today’s theme is holographic. I have a couple of holos in my stash and whilst I do like a good holo, I have to confess I don’t go quite so gaga over them as others do. Now a nice colour shifting duo-chrome, well that’s something else! I’ve still got to swatch the Layla Butterfly effect polish – its a flakie that has such an amazing colour shift it’s just gorgeous.

Right, today’s mani!

Holo Waves

  • Gosh, ‘Holographic Hero’ (3 coats)
  • Ozotic 617 (1 coat)
  • Medea Nail Stencils

In direct sunlight

OMD Challenge - Day 7 Holo

In shade

OMD Challenge day 7 holo

I really wish I could find somewhere to get hold of those stencils! They are just brilliant. I took two photos of this today as the sunlight showed the holos really well but the design got a bit lost so I thought I’d take a normal indoor shot as well.

Holographic hero is a linear holo and wasn’t too bad to apply – I used three coats for this one and there was a bit of dragging. Still, it dried really quickly which is always a bonus when you can’t use a topcoat (it can do something funny to the holo effect) . Ozotic 617 is a scatter holo so you don’t get the linear rainbow but it is sooo glittery. Might have to start using this one a bit more πŸ™‚ I only used 1 thick coat here but I know from past applications that 2 coats should do it but a third wouldn’t be a bad thing.

That’s it for today! Don’t forget to check out all the other challengers mani either by click on the OMD reference page at the top of the blog or by clicking here

7. Holo :

Until next time,

EeeekNP x


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