BarryM Summer Gellies

Happy Friday everyone!

We’ve got friends coming up this evening to stay with us for the weekend (yay!) so I need to be hostess with the most-est in about an hour and a half , so this is a kind of a quick post tonight (although it is pic heavy!) Also, poor Mr Eeeek had a car accident yesterday (thankfully nothing serious) but is suffering from a bit of whiplash today when his car got rear-ended 😦 I am trying to be the good wife and nursemaid but not to put a finer point on it, Mr Eeeek is a rubbish patient i.e he won’t accept that he’s got to take things just a little bit easier for a couple of days… I don’t know what’s worse, having a husband who thinks he’s dying of bubonic plague every time he gets a cold or one like mine who wont admit when he’s poorly!


I gave in and purchased the last remaining two Gellies from the latest collection from BarryM . I now have the full set so thought i’d swatch them all again asΒ  you only saw the others under a layer of confetti!

I have also found some dupes so I’ve got pics of those as well for you πŸ™‚

  • All taken without a top coat – they are stupidly shiny on their own!
  • All taken with two coats, however you may get away with one thick coat for Guava, Key Lime & Passion Fruit.
  • Application for all of these was practically identical – really smooth and easy to apply.Β  I found these a lot easier to apply than the previous Gellies. I found that one average coat and the one generous coat works best.

Key Lime:

BarryM Gelly - Key Lime

As mentioned the other day, this is coming out a bit brighter in the picture than it does on the nail. This is a ‘proper’Β  green i.e no undertones of grey or anything. No dupes in my stash for this one πŸ™‚


BarryM Gelly - Guava

Guava is one of the two I didn’t pick up the first time! What was I thinking leaving this on the shelf!?Β  GuavaΒ  is a gorgeous teal/turquoise and is my favourite out of the collection. Β  I had serious issues trying to photograph it so I can’t guarantee that its 100% colour accurate but I did try my hardest!Β  Β  I had wrongly assumed that I had something similar to Guava in my stash but after checking I only have 1 near dupe and then even then it’s not that near:

Guava Dupe

Rimmel’s Sky High was similar but as you can see it’s more blue than Guava.

Passion Fruit

BarryM Gelly - Passion Fruit 1

Passion Fruit is hard to describe but as I mentioned in my other postΒ  it’s kind of red but then it’s also sort of orange and pink!
Whatever it’s actual colour isΒ  I have got two very close dupes in my stash

Passionfruit Dupes

Essie’s Come Here is just a lighter version of Passion Fruit but the Ole Caliente (also by Essie) is practically identical. I did think that Ole was more orange that Passion Fruit but as you can just about make out,Β  it’s the other way round with Passion Fruit leaning more orange.

Blue Grape

BarryM Gelly - Blue Grape

I love this blue! It’s almost electric and as you can see from my slightly washed out skin tone my camera had a hard time capturing this. I have nothing even close to a dupe in my stash for this and despite the odd smell (still waiting for a response from BarryM about that….) I really like this! I can see me using this quite a bit!


BarryM Gelly - Mango

Last up is Mango. It’s a nice bright cheery orange but sadly I’m not a big orange fan and I was pretty sure I already had something similar….

Mango Dupes

Similar?! It’s an exact dupe! Essie’s Fear & Desire is identical (well I couldn’t see any difference at all!)

So, what do you all think? Are there any that take your fancy or do they all leave you a feeling aΒ  bit meh? I love Passion Fruit, Guava & Blue Grape but I could pass on Key Lime and Mango.

That’s all for now girls (and guys!) Have a great weekend everyone!

EeeekNP x




22 responses to “BarryM Summer Gellies

  1. All the colors are pretty, especially guava! Although it’s interesting that they called it that…aren’t guavas pink?

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