Lacquered In Orange – MS Awareness Month & Seize The Nail

Welcome all  new faces! Glad to have you here!

Ok ladies! (And gents!) it’s time to spread a little love around the blogsphere….

There is THE most wonderful blog which totally deserves your likes, comments and follows. Bella over at Seize The Nail has the most amazing swatches (puts mine to shame lol!) absolutely beautiful manis, gorgeous nails and her photos are fantastic. Bella also has a very comprehensive guide about photographing your nails and if that wasn’t enough, she also makes and sells her own beautiful nail art rings!  So please head on over and show Bella some love! You won’t regret it, trust me!

Lacquered in Orange

Onto the Mani!!

Today’s mani is rather special. The truly wonderful Sabrina aka Polish Alcoholic recently posted about Multiple Sclerosis Awareness month. You can read her post in full here (go read it, as Sabrina explains everything far better than I ever could) but the idea of the Lacquered in Orange month is to raise awareness of MS by posting up an orange mani and showing the above logo (designed by Sabrina’s brother) in your post or on your blog ! On Sabrina’s post there is an InLinkz link so you can post it up there too 🙂 and if you use twitter, hashtag thingy it as #LacqueredInOrange and #MSA.

Sabrina has also joined forces with indie polish maker and purveyor of gorgeous franken supplies (seriously, go check out the glitter mixes!!) LoveNailz, aka the equally wonderful Louise of  MommyLovesNailPolish and created the ‘Sabrina Duo’ – two stunning polishes (click here to see Sabrina’s swatches) which you can purchase  with all profits being donated to Multiple Sclerosis Research.  How cool is that!

I’ve seen quite a few fox manis recently and I fancied a crack at doing one and foxes are orange which fitted in perfectly with MS awareness so here is my ickle fox

Lacquered in Orange – Little Fox

  • SH –   Nailgrowth Miracle
  • Essie ‘Blanc’ (base colour) 2 coats
  • Orange, white and black acrylic paint- foxy bits
  • Dotting tools and a  detailing brush
  • Seche Vite

Lacquered in Orange 2013.

You can tell it’s meant to be a fox,  right?  Looking at it now it could be mistaken for a cat :-/ oh well…

I know I’m holding a bottle of polish but on this occasion it’s just for artistic value  haha! The little footprints would have been ok to use polish for but it would have been impossible to do the face and tail  – you are actually looking at version 6 of this as it took me ages to get his tail right (it’s a boy fox, in case you were wondering lol!) so I had to wipe away several failed attempts.

Anyway that’s all for today folks 🙂

Don’t forget to enter my 100 followers giveaway! and I’ll see you all soon!

EeeekNP x

P.s I have finally sorted out a twitter account @ EeeekNailPolish but be warned, I am still very new to it so if it looks like I’ve ignored your tweet I haven’t.  I’ve probably replied to someone else entirely by mistake!


39 responses to “Lacquered In Orange – MS Awareness Month & Seize The Nail

  1. Adora-babble!
    It definitely looks like a fox to me – well, a bit like Naughty Kitty, but only cause Naughty Kitty looks like a fox!
    Your email made me chuckle so much! You’ll excuse me for waiting until the beer’s out of my system to reply 😉

  2. LOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEE! Well, that may sound a bit gushy, but hey that’s how I feel! This is lovely! And a stold before, you and your freehand animals rock! You’re so damn good at drawing animals. And it is a fox to me, a cute fox 😀

  3. Der Jim jams

    This was lovely and proving very popular all ready I see. Clever you.

    Nail polish from Dr Pierre Ricaud has arrived – another blue but different shade from all the others I’ve seen, I will try and drop it over to you this week and then of course I shall expect to see you make a nice design with it.

    Hope the rest of weekend went well and that work has not been too troublesome. Let me know how your meeting goes this week.

    love Mum xxx

    Sent from Windows Mail

  4. This is really cute! 🙂 Youve got a new follower thanks to Sabrina from the polishalcoholic 😉

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  8. I’ve had this pinned for ages on to-do list on Pinterest. I just finished the mani you inspired…and by inspired, I mean I blatantly copied. 😉

    (Btw, it’s on my fb page, if you are interested in seeing it… )

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