BarryM Gelly – Greenberry

Hey there! Sorry for the lack of posting! It’s been a little crazy these last few days. I’m moving offices next week so I spent most of Friday clearing out almost 7 years worth of crap from my drawers and files. I managed to snafu a nail too! Fortunately it’s on my right hand and it’s just a little chip out of my index finger but annoying nonetheless! Mr Eeeek has been a little under the weather so I’ve been trying to look after him although he’s a rubbish patient!

Ok, first off, my Bailey mani is now on the Nail Polish Canada site!, You can see it here. Secondly and even more excitingly… I’ve been nominated for another blog award!! This time the lovely Gemma of My Adventures In Nail Art has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award! I am so honoured! Thanks again Gemma!! 🙂 I will be making my nominations in the next few days 🙂

Onto today’s mani….

Freehand Hearts

  • SH – Nailgrowth Miracle
  • BarryM Gelly ‘Greenberry’ (2 thick coats)
  • White and black acrylic paints
  • Dotting tool
  • Seche Vite

BarryM Gelly - Greenberry

BarryM Gelly - Greenberry

Ok, I’ll be really honest, I HATE the formula of this polish!! I’ve read other reviews and everyone else seems to find them smooth and easy to apply but sadly not me!! It dragged like mad on the first coat, i.e you do you first stroke up the middle of the nail and as soon as you start to do the sides it’s already dragging! The only way I could get any sort of decent coverage was put it on quite thick, which isn’t ideal at all. 😦 I did persevere and added a second thick coat which was a little better. The polish didn’t level out like some others do and it wasn’t until I put a coat of SV that it looked presentable. This totally defeats the whole point of this polish though as it’s meant to be worn without top coat as it’s glossy so it looks like a gel manicure. Granted, it was super shiny but also super lumpy! I’ve got quite a few of the original range that came out last year and I hoping that these new ones would be better so I also picked up the beige one (Lychee) too but they are the same. Maybe it’s meant to be applied thickly but if so, I don’t hold out much hope for it lasting that long!

On the plus side, I love the colour! Its a vivid turquoisey-aqua. It’s lovely and bright and very spring/summery! Probably not the best shade for my skin tone but hey ho!

I used acrylic paint for the hearts and dots which was rather handy as I had to redo some of them and unlike polish, you can just wipe it off if you make a mistake. Just make sure it’s totally dry though before adding topcoat; I didn’t do it this time but in the past I’ve been too hasty and it’s dragged the still wet paint down the whole nail, ruining it. It’s not the neatest mani I’ve done as my hearts are a bit wonky but I kinda like it 🙂

Well, that’s it for today!

Until next time!

EeeekNP x


14 responses to “BarryM Gelly – Greenberry

    • Thanks hun! I’m new to using acrylic paint but I’ve found it’s sometimes a lot easier to work with than polish because you can correct any mistakes. I know that a lot of the really intricate designs you see on the web are done with acrylic paint. The ones I use aren’t specifically for nail art, they were just a cheap set from the art shop 🙂

  1. Just found your blog via Pintrest and I’m so glad I did – love it!! Always great to find another British nail blogger and especially one with such great designs 🙂 I’ll be a regular from now on…

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments and welcome aboard! It’s nice to meet other fellow Brit bloggers as we are somewhat a rarer breed lol! 😀

  2. You implied that putting polish on thick makes the mani not last long. Is that true? Cuz I always do thick coats! Uh oh….

    • Lol, I think it totally depends on the polish. I’ve got a few that if I layer it on too thick, it almost peels off about a day or two later (especially after a shower). 🙂

  3. It’s too bad that the formula wasn’t good. I love that minty green shade. 😦 And the finish is so nice!

    Oh well, the heart pattern is really cute!

  4. This is a really cute design. Even though the base color isn’t something I personally would use – i seriously love the heart and dot’s you made. But i guess i could simply use another base color 😉
    Great job.

  5. It’s gorgeous! I love your hearts and dots. And don’t feel guilty if you are’nt able to blog very often. Somethimes other things in live have more priority.

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