Nails Inc Graffiti – Brick Lane

Good evening or indeed morning depending where you are in the world! I hope you’ve all had good day so far.

This will be my very first non-nail art post! It could even be considered a swatch! Haha! I was very lucky to receive one of the Nails Inc Graffiti polishes for Christmas – Brick Lane. It’s got tiny black and matt silver bar, micro and hex glitter in a clear base.

I’ve layered it over Essie’s Bikini So Teeny which I got for a steal at….£1.99 ! Nope, that’s not a typo! (They normally retail at £7.99+) Fragrance Direct currently have another 6 shades for sale and from what I can gather it’s worth checking back weekly (or daily if like me, you have an Essie addiction!) to see if new colours have been added. Fragrance Direct are UK based but they will ship to the US, however you guys in the US tend to get polish a lot cheaper than we do so with shipping costs it’s probably not much cheaper. We do tend to get the raw end of the deal in the UK when it comes to polish; for example, O.P.I cost on average £11 a bottle here (about $17!) and brands like O.P.I and China Glaze aren’t readily available on the high street 😦

Anyway enough of my polish buying woes, onto the mani!

Bikini Graffiti

  • SH – Nailgrowth Miracle
  • Essie ‘Bikini So Teeny’ (base colour) 2 coats
  • Nails Inc Graffiti ‘Brick Lane’ 1 coat
  • Seche Vite

Nails Inc Graffiti Brick Lane

Nails Inc Graffiti Brick Lane 2

Ok so I went a bit nuts with Brick Lane; I didn’t mean to do quite such a thick coat… oops but it is lovely 🙂 It’s packed with glitter and application was a breeze as I just brushed it on rather than having to dab it about like some other glitters.
Bikini was lovely to apply too – I did 2 coats (but if I was wearing it on its own I would have done 3) and fortunately this bottle had the newer, fatter brush which is great for me as I have quite wide (but incredibly short!) nail beds. If I’m ever brave enough to show you a photo of my naked nails you’ll see what I mean!

Anyway that’s it for today.

See you next time

EeeekNP x


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